Thursday, December 3, 2009

Virtual Hunting - CAM

Looking at apartments even from across the ocean can become a full-time obsession, take it from me- I know. You can get good at determining things like how much light an apartment gets, if there is an elevator, what it will look like to get rid of the ugly furnishings and what the street is like, all from a tiny photograph. It is amazing how many sellers don't do simple things like put away food encrusted dirty dishes or make the bed before taking the photo to sell their largest asset. We discovered that you can look at a photograph of the front of any building in the city on pagejaunes and can navigate up and down the street using google maps. Who actually needs to be there? Searching pap and se loger became as routine as brushing my teeth. Truth is, I think that we drove C. a little crazy with our zealous searching.
Even though the market had softened and there was more on the market than I had ever seen, it was clear that desirable apartments still went fast. Given that we could not move to Paris and spend months looking, it was going to take concerted diligence to find something and a willingness to move fast once we found it. I am not a risk taker so this whole venture went against the grain but definitely had and continues to have the feel of taking a giant step towards taking my life in an excellent direction. Eric is right; Seriously formative years were spent in Paris and though it is cliche, I do feel more alive there than other places.

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