Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good News! Our Apartment is Demolished.

Good news, present tense:  we sent Monsieur P, an email making plans for our visit next week, and he wrote back to let us know that the demolition was well underway.  What's more, he sent pictures, and they look great.  My expectation was pretty much that we would get to Paris and be greeted with a bunch of excuses about delays, and work that had just barely gotten started.  But it looks as though pretty much everything has been ripped up, the ugly wallpaper, the ugly tile in the kitchen, the ugly shower, the ugly tile floor in the living room, all gone.  It makes you think that it is going to be a very different place when they are all done.    


We leave for Paris on Saturday.  It will be fun to blog from there.  I hope CAM gets into restaurant reporting.

<===== Bathroom



<=== Larger bedroom

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