Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The French Banking System (cont’d)

We received the first request for payment from the contractor who is doing the work, so we have to get the mortgage bank to issue a payment.  Our instructions arrived from the indispensible L. at French Home Finance.
Dear et and cam,
As discussed, please find below instructions on having your renovation contractor’s invoice paid by the bank:
· You should write “bon pour paiement” on the invoice, date it, and then both sign the invoice in full
· E-mail a copy of the signed invoice to Mr. D at the bank, which will be handling your file (he is out of the office until next Monday) at the following address: xxx.  Technically, the bank will only need a copy of the invoice, however, do keep the signed original available, in case the bank comes back and asks you for it.
· As for whether payment to the contractor is done by cheque or by bank transfer, it seems both methods are possible.  Obviously, the bank would need the bank account details of the contractor in order to arrange the transfer (R.I.B.) – do discuss this with Mr. D when you e-mail him on Monday.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Best regards, L
OK, so I scan the invoice and send it off, and receive the following reply....
Cette notification d'+AOk-tat de remise est g+AOk-n+AOk-r+AOk-e automatiquement.
+AMk-chec de la remise aux destinataires suivants.

What this is a French email bounce notice.  I tried it again and it happened again, so I sent the whole business on to L.  Here is the reply....
I checked with the bank and they confirmed that this is Mr. D’s correct e-mail address. 
Their explanation for the rejection of your e-mail was that it is due to Mr. Ds’ mail box being too full, given that he was on holiday.  Please try sending your e-mail again, and if this is rejected too, I will let the bank know and they’ll try to fix the problem at that stage.
Please let me know…
Best regards,
I sent it off again, and so far haven’t received either a confirmation or another failure to deliver, so we’ll see.  As of now, the contractor hasn’t been paid….

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