Friday, December 4, 2009

Different Moods- CAM

After reading E's most recent post, I must say that I am feeling much more optimistic than he is. I guess I'm finding it more fun. True I don't enjoy the prospect of telephoning M. P, recall that I've never met him, but he is always so pleasantly surprised to hear from me. I came away from the phone call this morning buoyed by how lucky we are to have le demarrage commence. And if we get there and find that something is actually happening in the apartment I'll feel all the luckier.
Why worry about those details when I can plan the restaurants that we'll eat in? My focus is on restaurants in our new neighborhood. We won't actually be staying there this time. How could we with all the construction that will be taking place? Anyway, the neighborhood is full of intriguing bistros and small restaurants with chefs creating innovative dishes at reasonable prices. My biggest problem is which to try during the 3 dinners that we'll have in our upcoming trip. I can't wait to report back.

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