Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Very quick post from Paris

We have been too busy, or having too good a time, to post while we are here.  Everything is going great, though, we are now on our way to Madrid to do some actual work for a couple of days.  Quick story:  we needed to see our banker today, we called all morning but no one picked up the phone (this is Barclays, a huge downtown branch).  Was it a  bank holiday we didn't know about?  We really needed to see her, so we decided to stop by, and sure enough they were open for business.  Do you have an appointment, the receptionist asked?  No, we replied, we tried to call but no one answered the phone.  She shrugged:  Oh, she said, we must have been out.

On the other hand, our friend Sandy brought her dog.  No questions asked, Moulan just trotted in to the conference room, the bankers all stopped by and fussed over her.

And I should add that unlike in the US, we actually have a banker who knows us by name and couldn't be any more gracious when she sees us.

More soon.  I have pictures, etc.  I just need a little time.

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