Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Post

Tomorrow my wife C. and I are closing on a two bedroom apartment on rue d'Ouessant in Paris. That is, I hope we are closing, we were supposed to close yesterday, but a few hours before the appointed hour the latest in a long string of mishaps occurred. We received an email from our Notaire, Maitre F., that he had just been informed that the bank had "forgotten" to transfer the funds from our mortgage into the account. Forgot? Banks forget things?

Anyway, the purchase of our apartment, on Rue d'Ouessant, is the end of a long, long process of looking for an apartment, the start of hopefully a somewhat shorter process of renovating an apartment, and a prelude to another long process of owning it, renting it, spending time in it and someday retiring in it. Over the next few weeks I will both tell the story of the ownership and renovation, and try to catch up on the long series of ups and downs that we have already had.

I am trying to add a google map of the location... didn't work the first time. Let's try it again. Add image.... Paste in link to map.... Says it's uploading... Nothing happens. Hmm.

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Ah, there, that worked, just had to load the html code from google maps. The apartment is in the fifteenth arrondissement, close to the Eiffel Tower. Another map:

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More soon.

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